God IS Speaking to YOU

If you want to hear God … truly hear Him … then it is time to remove the distractions and be intentional about your time with Him. Imagine if you had loud music blaring in the background while trying to have a conversation with someone. What would you do? You would turn it down, turn it off or go into another room so you could “hear” them. So many people long to hear God’s Voice but they never unplug from the world or remove distractions. They tune into the world instead of focusing on Him. They then grow discouraged because they feel He is not speaking to them but He is. The world loves to distract and get in the way of your precious time with Him, don’t let it.

It’s time for you to start hearing what He has to say to YOU. He IS speaking. He wants time with you. It is time to turn down the noise of the world and listen for His Voice.

Yahweh Bless you, with MUCH Love!

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