Ammie is a certified Life Coach who helps people with the critical balance of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. After a rare blood disorder diagnosis at the age of 24 years old, she knows the importance of believing all things are possible and learning how to recognize and listen to the Heart Tug. She understands how our internal belief system can either help us or short circuit us. When she faced death multiple times, her childlike faith produced Miracle after Miracle. (You can read Ammie’s true story in her “Miracles of Childlike Faith” book.) From the time she was a little girl, she has had a passion to help people. She has a perspective that finds the silver lining no matter how dark the skies may seem. She sees the best in everyone and has a gift to bring out that “best” of each and every Heart. She knows that unconditional Love is the single most powerful healer available and will walk with you to break down barriers preventing you from giving or receiving Love. People who know her will tell you that she has been blessed with Divine Guidance in all aspects of her Life including the key areas required to bring healing to the Hearts of her clients. Through her experience of health-related challenges, she knows firsthand that the body has the best chance of healing when you treat, instead of neglect, the Human Spirit. And by doing this she will help you to restore the inner peace you’ve always wanted but never thought was obtainable.