Is Life Coaching for you?

Life Coaching truly is for pretty much everyone. It will help you to understand how you see things and how that impacts every part of your life. It will help you to find your true identity underneath all of the layers your experiences in the world have placed upon you. It will help you to identify areas in your life that are toxic thus preventing movement, growth and healing in your life. It will help you become a better you in all areas of your life including your relationships and your career.

Some questions to ask:

Do you wonder what your purpose is?

Do you feel empty and alone no matter how many people may be around you?

Do you feel discouraged more than encouraged?

Do you feel like you’re stressed to the point of exhaustion and don’t know how you are going to go on?

Do you feel like you’ve wasted your whole life and if you would have done things differently you might have a chance at the life you have always wanted?

Do you often worry about “WHAT IF”?

Do you find in moments when things are going great that you can’t fully enjoy it because you are waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Do you feel no one respects you or values your opinion?

If you answered “yes” to 1 or more of these questions then Life Sessions with Ammie will help you understand how you are perceiving things and how that perception paints the reality of the world you are living in.

People accept what they feel they deserve so it’s time for you to understand all that you DO deserve.

Take the plunge and say “I DO”:

I DO deserve to be happy.

I DO deserve to be loved.

I DO deserve to have the life I’ve always hoped I would have.

It is never too early or too late to develop a positive perspective, discover your purpose, or begin believing it IS possible to obtain and begin walking into the life intended specifically for you.

Note from Ammie

Welcome! I am so happy you found your way to my website. Life Coaching helps clients in many different areas including:

People dealing with physical and/or emotional illness

People requiring improvement in verbal and written interpersonal skills both within their professional and personal lives

Spiritual Mentoring


Stress Management to help reduce stress related illnesses

Healthy Eating – learning how to eat to live instead of living to eat

I would love an opportunity to come by your side as your Life Coach. Each and every client’s journey that I get to be part of is special to me because we get to experience it together … one step at a time. Together, we will uncover things that have been holding you back from all of the beautiful Blessings planned for your life. Thank you for taking time to review my Life Coaching page and hope to have an opportunity to be your Life Coach Partner.

Big Hugs filled with much Love,

Ammie L. Peters


Ammie is a certified Life Coach who helps people with the critical balance of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. After a rare blood disorder diagnosis at the age of 24 years old, she knows the importance of believing all things are possible and learning how to recognize and listen to the Heart Tug. She understands how our internal belief system can either help us or short circuit us. When she faced death multiple times, her childlike faith produced Miracle after Miracle. (You can read Ammie’s true story in her “Miracles of Childlike Faith” book.) From the time she was a little girl, she has had a passion to help people. She has a perspective that finds the silver lining no matter how dark the skies may seem. She sees the best in everyone and has a gift to bring out that “best” of each and every Heart. She knows that unconditional Love is the single most powerful healer available and will walk with you to break down barriers preventing you from giving or receiving Love. People who know her will tell you that she has been blessed with Divine Guidance in all aspects of her Life including the key areas required to bring healing to the Hearts of her clients. Through her experience of health-related challenges, she knows firsthand that the body has the best chance of healing when you treat, instead of neglect, the Human Spirit. And by doing this she will help you to restore the inner peace you’ve always wanted but never thought was obtainable.