Speak Word Blessings Not Word Curses

It is time for your Words and thoughts to align with God’s Truth. Yahushua came to break every curse upon your life, to bring true freedom and release you from spiritual bondage. The evil one likes to use word curses to bind a Believer’s life and mind. He uses the spirits of offense, anger, hate, jealousy, rejection, etc. to speak lies and ugliness to a believing mind. If that person entertains the lies and comes into agreement with those lies, suddenly they start thinking and speaking the exact word curses that the evil one hoped they would speak. He knows how much damage they can cause with their own tongue. He knows the road blocks they can put up with their words. He wants a believer to plant seeds of doubt, discouragement and death instead of sowing a harvest of LIFE.

Have you ever come into agreement with lies that you are unworthy? That you will never amount to anything but failure? That this world would be better off without you? These are all lies and do not line up with the Truth of God. Test the spirits. They are not your thoughts. They are the infiltration of the evil one. Ask God to forgive you for ever entertaining those thoughts or even speaking them. Ask Him to close every door and sever every demonic bondage through word curses.

Satan wants to use the mouths of Believers because he knows the power that is held within you. You have the Ruach Hakodesh (aka Holy Spirit) to guide you into ALL TRUTH. It is a GIFT from our Heavenly Father, through Yahushua. The devil knows that the power of LIFE or death is on your tongue. He knows that you can speak and the demonic curses WILL BE BROKEN. However, the devil is tricky. He wants to keep people under the spirit of ignorance so they parrot his words through the spirit of justification. He convinces them that what they are speaking is true and they are justified in that thought and the words they speak. He does this to keep the Believer in bondage instead of them coming to repentance and severing the demonic bindings of their words. Do not fall for this trap. SPEAK THE LIFE AND TRUTH OF GOD over your life and other’s lives ALWAYS. 

If the Ruach Hakodesh is convicting your heart and bringing to remembrance word curses that you have spoken (whether it is over your own life, other’s lives or both) pray this prayer:

Heavenly Father I come before you today to say I am sorry and ask for Your forgiveness. Thank You for opening my eyes to see the words I have spoken that brought curses instead of Blessings. In the Name of Yahushua, I void every word from the evil one that I have ever spoken. I cancel it and destroy it right out of the atmosphere. Every word curse be nullified at this moment through the blood of Yahushua. I ask You, Yahweh, to REVERSE EVERY CURSE that has flowed off of my tongue to bind my life or any other person’s life. I know and receive Your POWER of the Ruach Hakodesh that lives within me. I know when I decree Your TRUTH an activation in the spirit realm goes forward. I decree and declare that my Words are destined to fully align with Your Words and Your TRUTH. I decree that my mouth is a vessel for Your glory and not for the devil. I speak LIFE and BLESSINGS manifest because of Your Spirit within me. In the Name of Yahushua, I cancel every word curse spoken over my life by the evil one. Satan loose me right now; you hold no legal ground in my life. I am the child of God and He has opened my eyes to His Truth today. My mouth will no longer be your weapon of destruction. My tongue will be used to bring LIFE and BLESSINGS. I will no longer curse my own life or any others through my words. Amen and HaleluYah!

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” Proverbs 18:21

Yahweh Bless you, with MUCH Love!

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