Every Tear

I saw a Vision of a woman’s face up close. I saw the tears quietly making their way down her face. She didn’t say a word with her lips, but her Heart was beating as ONE with Yahushua. In an impossible way, she had JOY within her Heart but in the external life the struggle was real. Her faith steadfast, truly unshakeable. Her Trust, 100% in Him. Her Hope, filled to the brim. She is Blessed, truly Blessed. She knows it and BELIEVES it with every part of her being. But the lashings and punches of words and actions of others are still felt … every one of them. They leave bruises that are deep. She continues to turn the other cheek to pray for those others call hopeless and unlovable. She lives Love but some find it okay to take their jabs and punches. They distorted the Truth and painted a false image of her. They poisoned others with their wounded thoughts and words. They pushed people away that she was meant to help. She looks up. She is incredibly strong. He IS her strength. The Vision zoomed out and I saw Yahushua’s Hand gathering every tear. I heard Him gently whisper, “I am for you.” She heard Him and sobbed receiving and feeling how deep His Love is for her. He will set a table before her enemies and her prayers will be answered. She stood up, dried her tears and composed herself no one the wiser of what this Mighty Warrior faces … but He knows and that is all that matters.

It was another powerful Vision from the Father. He needs you to know, HE IS FOR YOU. No matter what things “appear” to be right now, your enemies will not have the last say. He will deal with all those who come against you. He will reveal the Truth and expose the darkness behind every false claim. He is your defender. He will command your enemies to confess and right their wrongs. 

“You have taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book? Then my enemies will turn back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me.” Psalm 56:8-9

“that you receive her in YHWH in a manner worthy of the saints, and that you help her in whatever matter she may have need of you; for she herself has also been a helper of many, and of myself as well.” Romans 16:2

“I’m pleading with you, Yahweh, help me! Don’t close your ears to my cry, for you’re my defender. ” Psalm 28:1 (TPT)

Yahweh Bless you, with MUCH Love!!!

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