Your Gift Will Make a Way for You

As I prayed asking Yahweh what He has for the Message of the Day today, “Your gift will make room for you” in Proverbs 18:16 jumped off of the page! He is showing me how so many people are “working it” and “working it”. They are completely exhausted and are trying so hard. It is like a hamster on a wheel. Exhausting! I then saw someone stand up, take a deep breath, and look up as the Truth resonated within them. I saw His Light wash over them as they fully received His Truth … His purpose and plan will unfold according to His Will for their life. A big weight lifted off of them. They knew that the anointing and GIFT that He placed within them, will make a way. It seems impossible to the eye but now they know it IS possible. It was no longer an unbelieving moment of “if” it will happen, but a strong knowing from the Ruach Hakodesh (aka Holy Spirit) that it will happen!

His Message to you today is “Breath Me in. Release all of the stress and thoughts pushing you to work a situation. It is like pushing a square peg into a round hole. It will only end in frustration and a feeling of hopelessness. Does the sun labor to rise in the sky? Do the gentle waves labor to reach the shores? Move in all that I am and who I have made you to be. Trust that I will unfold My plan just as a flower blooms under the sun. Suddenly it will happen. The GIFT I placed in you will go forth for My glory.”

Yahweh Bless you, with MUCH Love!

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