Suddenly the Doors for Your Purpose Will Open

God says, “Ye of little faith, why have you doubted what I have spoken over your life? Have I not sent forward multiple Prophetic Words through different people to declare My plans for your life? Yes, I have. It was Me, the GREAT I AM. I spoke those things over you. I actually SUNG those things over you. Nothing will get in the way of My plan for your life. Suddenly the door will open for your purpose. I will draw the people, resources, and every type of provision needed for you to advance in my Kingdom work. Nothing will be able to stop what I have planned. Just like the New Dawn sky, suddenly the darkness will flee and the Beauty of all I have called you to be will be announced by Me. People who have not supported you will come from afar to ask for forgiveness and will be obedient in what I have ordered them to do. You will be in awe and wonder what I am about to do in your life. Remain faithful and filled with Hope. Know I am for you little one, no one can get to you or take this away. It is already in motion and just like a mighty wind that sweeps in suddenly, so will My Favor sweep in and open doors for you that no man, woman, or entity can shut. I have anointed you with a very special purpose. You know it in your heart. Wait on me, it is coming.”

“The former things I declared of old; they went out from My mouth, and I announced them; then suddenly I did them, and they came to pass.” Isaiah 48:3

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