The Eagle Takes Flight

As I pressed into Yahweh asking Him what He would like for the Message of the day, I saw a Vision of an Eagle. What a truly Majestic creation by His Mighty Hand. The Eagle’s wings were spread and it began to fly. It was so Beautiful to watch. Yahweh brought me up in the Spirit and allowed me to experience that amazing flight. In an impossible way, I could see further than any human eye could see. I could see so far ahead and down and flying was effortless. There was no thought, just an amazing feeling of gliding across the air. I reached new heights that were not humanly possible. It was breath taking!

I was then reminded of a Word Pastor Collin shared with me years ago, “Eagles don’t hang with chickens.” For the first time, I was able to actually feel the depth of that Truth. It isn’t that there is anything wrong with chickens, but Eagles have a very different perspective and purpose.

His Message today is, “It is time for you to spread your wings and fly. I am bringing you to NEW heights. You will see things you could not see before. You will move in the direction of My Spirit flying far above the land. This NEW Height will allow you to quiet the chatter of the world and hear My Voice more clearly and precisely than ever before. Just as a female eagle tests the male eagle to see if he is her chosen one, I have tested you. And each time I tested you at a higher and higher height, you not only caught the manna I was dropping from Heaven, but you feasted upon it and shared it with others. The Harvest is here and the seeds you have planted in My Name will spring forward suddenly. We are in a time where My Messengers cannot hold onto what I pour into them, the Word I give is provided for this season. It is time to for you to see with Eagle eyes and deliver the Messages without delay. Who is man that you would hesitate? Go forward, I am with you. It is time to take flight and reach NEW Heights with Me.”

Yahweh Bless you, with MUCH Love!

PS  You may be wondering why the reference to the female eagle choosing a mate seems important. It is related to His selection and the process He uses at times. The female eagle picks up a stick and will fly. She drops the stick to see if the male eagle can catch it. If he does, she grabs a bigger stick and will fly even higher. She drops it again to see if he can catch that one as well. She continues this process until she reaches multiple heights. If he fails to catch it, she will fly away as a sign that she has not chosen him. As he reaches new heights with her and catches the sticks before they fall to the ground, she has found her mate for life.

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