Note from Ammie

Welcome! I am so happy you found your way to my website. Life Coaching helps clients in many different areas including:

People dealing with physical and/or emotional illness

People requiring improvement in verbal and written interpersonal skills both within their professional and personal lives

Spiritual Mentoring


Stress Management to help reduce stress related illnesses

Healthy Eating – learning how to eat to live instead of living to eat

I would love an opportunity to come by your side as your Life Coach. Each and every client’s journey that I get to be part of is special to me because we get to experience it together … one step at a time. Together, we will uncover things that have been holding you back from all of the beautiful Blessings planned for your life. Thank you for taking time to review my Life Coaching page and hope to have an opportunity to be your Life Coach Partner.

Big Hugs filled with much Love,

Ammie L. Peters