Life’s waiting on you

If you could paint a picture of what the perfect life would be for yourself, what would it be? What is it that has prevented you from obtaining or taking steps towards that life? During your sessions with Ammie, she will walk with you one step at a time to determine what exactly has been holding you back. Most often it is nothing other than a wall your mind has created telling you that it isn’t possible, that it’s too late for you, that you are trapped but Ammie will walk you into the world of possibilities. She will help you grab hold of the anchor of Hope that is held in each and every Heart no matter how far down it may be buried. She will work with you to break down the walls and encourage you to become all you are called to be.

There are absolutely NO spare parts in this world so if you are still here, you DO have a purpose. People often have one pressing question in their Heart, “What is my purpose?” She will help you to discover the answer to that question right within your own Heart. It’s time for you to discover your purpose and walk forward in it so you can live a purposeful life and not a life of mere existence.